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In our culture, tea is one of our essential eating and drinking rituals. And if it comes to the mystical land of the far East, then Ceylon tea is not a chatty one. We've compiled information and brewing tips for Ceylon tea that you won't find anywhere else about the flavor and the drinks. 

What is Ceylon tea? 

In our country, it is called Ceylontea, but this special tea is grown in Sri Lanka. Today, Sri Lanka has a respectable place as the world's fourth tea importer. Although the other importer had a small piece of land compared to other countries, he obtained this order.

Tea for Sri Lanka is an essential agricultural product, both economically and culturally. More than a million people work in the tea industry in the country, even the Tea Museum in Kandy. The teahouse, collected by hand from thousands of square miles of tea gardens, is wrapped with care and dried in the sun. Now it's ready for me and gives the smurfman the taste of honey, as well as the strength of immunity and endurance. Goran Tea Mevlana Ceylon tea, which has been reliably consumed in Europe for years, is also obtained from tea shoots collected manually.

 Although it is the first black tea to come to mind when it is called Ceylon tea, there is also White Ceylon tea, also known as "Silver Tips" or "Gümüş Uçlar". The most valuable tea produced in Sri Lanka, white tea stands out at a high price and quality.

How to brew Ceylon Tea?

We're at the batting point. The trick is to brew the tea according to the rules. You can turn the Seylan tea into a great drink with its own unique brewing method, which already has a distinct flavor. The trick is how many people to serve the tea. Because it's a trick to put a teaspoon of tea per person in the teapot. No less, no more, no more. Oh, and make sure that the teapot you use is ceramic or glass. Avoid tasting metal teapots, especially to avoid the negative taste!

It's time for the brewing recipe!

Using freshly boiled water is rule number one. Remember, the quality of the water will also improve the quality of the Ceylon tea. You should pour the water you boil over the dry tea in the pot and pour it calmly. It is important to leave the tea to brew for 20 minutes. If you exceed 20 minutes, the flavor we call "tea pity" will be lost. After 20 minutes, go to service. Let me remind you right now that the sugar you put next to the tea prevents you from getting the real flavor of this tea. And we have a more traditional recommendation when I say I can't drink without sugar. You can drink your Mevlana Ceylon tea with marshmallows instead of sugar. Enjoy your meal!

Mevlana Ceylon Tea is available in all markets in Europe, and you can buy it here.

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Made in Germany

Teas belonging to the Mevlana Tea brand are blended in Germany and packaged in European standards.

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Dust Free

Thanks to the specially manufactured blending machine, it is 98% dust-free.

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Special Blend

Our tea is blended by German engineers in a blending machine specially produced for our company.

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EU Standard

The aroma used complies with EU food standards.

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Picked by Hand

The tea sprouts of the Mevlana Tea brand are picked only by hand.

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From Sri Lanka

Natural Ceylon tea from the best tea gardens of Sri Lanka.