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We know that tea is one of the most consumed beverages in the world.

Yes, we drink tea the most after water. Although there are many reasons for this choice, we can summarize these reasons in 3 main headings:

  • Because it is useful

  • Because it is economical

  • And because it is easy to prepare...

As Mevlana Tea, we have tried to share the answers to the frequently asked questions about tea.

The shelf life of black tea varies depending on the quality of packaging and storage conditions of the product. As Mevlana Tea, as the biggest part of our mission; We pack our teas in European Standards to preserve their flavor throughout their shelf life.
First, you should keep your teas away from humid environments. Keeping it in its closed package, not affected by different odors, will preserve the naturalness of the tea.
A porcelain teapot for enjoying a quality tea is the recommendation of all tea gourmets. It is also said that the teapot should be heated before brewing. IYou can brew your tea, which is stored in its original package and protected from external odor and moisture, by using tea at different proportions according to your taste. In general, it is recommended to put a teaspoon of tea for each glass. Of course, your tea taste is important here. If you like to drink more fragrant strong tea, you can make it a coffeespoon. You can slowly add newly boiled lime-free and chlorine-free water to the teapot and serve after 15 minutes. Waiting for the tea to settle naturally during brewing will increase the flavor of your tea. You can drink it with pleasure with sugar, milk or even honey according to your wish.

Do you know that this most consumed beverage in the world was discovered by chance in 2735 BC?

Yes, Shen Yung, one of the first Emperors of China, witnesses the tea plant fall into hot water by chance.

After a couple of attempts, he falls under the spell of tea and begins to drink tea constantly. 

On the other hand, we can say that Europe has just got tea. 

The European met this miracle drink in 1610.

We know that our country is the country that consumes the most tea in the world. 

Depending on your environment, working conditions, and hydration needs, you can easily enjoy 10 cups of tea if it is balanced and medium-bodied. 

It is a type of tea obtained as a result of processing the tea plant by a different technique, without oxidation. 

In White Tea, the acidic ratio is very small.

It has a lighter flavor, since there is no oxidation at the production stage.

It is a healthy type of tea that is also sold with different flavors added besides its natural state. 

Tea also has a lot of benefits. 

The most well-known feature is that black tea provides energy thanks to the caffeine it contains.

You can prevent premature aging if you consume Mevlana Tea without sugar under the conditions specified on a regular basis. 

Thanks to the fluoride in its content, you will protect your oral and dental health with natural methods. 

There are many more benefits of black tea. 

In order not to cause a medical misunderstanding, we do not specify them. 

Mevlana tea products contain a subtle hint of bergamot flavor and are produced in compliance with European Union standards.

Mevlana Tea is obtained by hand-picking the first tea sprouts that bloom after rains in Sri Lanka's tea gardens that are far from technology.

These collected teas are blended with a specially prepared blending machine for Mevlana Tea in Berlin, Germany and are 98 percent free of dust. 

This magnificent taste is obtained by packaging processes in European standards. 

Mevlana Tea, which is the only tea in the world that is free from dust this much, contains very little European Union approved natural bergamot. 

However, this bergamot certainly does not prevent the taste of Ceylon tea.

Mevlana Tea is obtained by hand-picking the first tea sprouts that bloom after rains in Sri Lanka's tea gardens that are far from technology.

There is absolutely no preservative in all products of Goran Tee Mevlana Tea.

Goran Tee Mevlana Tea is supplied from Sri Lanka, blended with a special blending machine in Germany and packaged in European standards in Germany. 

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