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Pay attention to the quality of tea!

One of the essential drinks on the table, tea is a delicacy that needs attention to the fine points when preparing. The flavor of tea, which has different brews in different cultures, is as important as the color and consistency. Tea drinkers quickly notice well-brewed tea, while the flavor of the tea is increased by taking care to brew it properly. To prepare the most delicious version of the tea, which is called "Rabbit Blood," you need to pay attention to a few points. Mevlana, the most preferred Ceytlon tea in the world, takes full notes from tea lovers with tea flavors, colors, and tastes. And how do you brew good tea? Here are some tips.

What should be taken care of in the meeting of Mevlana Tea and the water?

The meticulously collected Mevlana Tea leaves meet with water, giving you a delicious tea with excellent color. It is important that the water you use when brewing tea is cold. One cup of the water you boil is one of the things you need to be careful about when you brew tea. You can now bring Mevlana Tea to a boil with water that has waited a few minutes.

Two methods of brewing tea

When brewing tea, there are two very common methods that tea-sergers cannot agree on. Both of these brews, which appeal to different tastes of the palate, are preferable to capture the flavor of Mevlana Tea.

Method 1:

The most commonly used tea brewing method is the brew made by adding water to the tea leaves placed in the teapot. This method suggests that the brewed tea is better, while boiling water should be added slowly without burning the tea leaves.

Method 2:

Another method for brewing tea is actually the opposite of method one. Tea lovers indicate that a better brew is achieved by this method, which requires a little more patience. This method is a brew made by adding tea to Mevlana, the brew that has been boiled for a few minutes. In this way, tea leaves slowly get wet and fall to the bottom. In this method, the brew time takes a little longer.

The flavor of the natural flavor is Mevlana Ceylon Tea, using both brewings. You can drink Mevlana tea safely with its color, brewing method, smell, and taste that you can't give up.

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Made in Germany

Teas belonging to the Mevlana Tea brand are blended in Germany and packaged in European standards.

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Dust Free

Thanks to the specially manufactured blending machine, it is 98% dust-free.

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Special Blend

Our tea is blended by German engineers in a blending machine specially produced for our company.

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EU Standard

The aroma used complies with EU food standards.

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Picked by Hand

The tea sprouts of the Mevlana Tea brand are picked only by hand.

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From Sri Lanka

Natural Ceylon tea from the best tea gardens of Sri Lanka.