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Mevlana tea, the first and only dust-free tea!

Between machine-cutting and hand-harvesting of the tea plant, there is a significant quality difference.
Natural sources are stressed in the Mevlana Tea flavor Story, and all items are manufactured from tea shoots that are carefully hand-gathered.
The first seedlings to emerge in Sri Lanka's natural tea gardens are manually picked and blended in a machine designed exclusively for Goran tea in Germany.
At this point, the tea's teine membrane is carefully removed, leaving 98% of the dust-free Mevlana tea. Only Mevlana tea can be enjoyed dust-free throughout the world.
The best thing about Mevlana Ceylon tea is that it only provides tea leaves for tea connoisseurs to savor.
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Made in Germany

Teas belonging to the Mevlana Tea brand are blended in Germany and packaged in European standards.

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Dust Free

Thanks to the specially manufactured blending machine, it is 98% dust-free.

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Special Blend

Our tea is blended by German engineers in a blending machine specially produced for our company.

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EU Standard

The aroma used complies with EU food standards.

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Picked by Hand

The tea sprouts of the Mevlana Tea brand are picked only by hand.

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From Sri Lanka

Natural Ceylon tea from the best tea gardens of Sri Lanka.