Mevlana Tea Goran Tea GREEN Tea Bags 25 Bags (1 x Pack)


Mevlana green tea bags are among the most valuable green teas that nature offers us.

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Mevlana Goran luxury tea blend

Mevlana tea bags - luxury blend. Green tea. 25 bags of 2.5g each. 100% Ceylon tea, 

Goran Tea - Ceylon Tea is a green variety collected and processed as large tea leaves from the tea plantations in the highlands of Sri Lanka. Due to the way it is cultivated and the different effects of the climatic conditions, Ceylon tea has a high-quality, aromatic taste. It is the monsoon rain and the oceanic breeze that flavor the tea leaves. These tea leaves are rolled in full length. They are 8-15 mm long and have twisted leaf buds.

• Exquisite oriental green tea blend
Strong flavor
Pure and slightly sweetened
• Content: 25 x 2.5 gr
Ideal as a gift
The Goran tea from Mevlana is a great gift for tea lovers and tea connoisseurs. In a package

Delivery scope:
• 25 x 2,5 gr.  Mevlana Goran Tee Luxusmischung komplett in OVP

• Net weight: 62,5 g

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